Valentine’s Day – not so cheesy after all


The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.
-Mother Teresa

I have always had my prejudices about Valentine’s Day. The red roses, the red hearts, the love poems, the teddy bears, the chocolates have all seemed quite cheesy always. This time around too, I was feeling quite wary of all the pre- Valentine’s hype all over Facebook.

What followed was SOS from Google, where I started reading about the origin and the significance of this day. To my rescue came the simplest answer! Valentine comes from the Latin word ‘valor’ which means worthy. Yes, it is a day to show your love to those who are worthy.

This made beautiful sense and I thought why not make the best of this new found meaning and make the day special for someone worthy, who we otherwise do not acknowledge in our busy day to day lives.

Amber liked the idea too and this is who we wanted to share Valentine’s Day with.

Meet Ma’am Sinha – Amber’s English teacher back in school. She was every child’s favourite. She renounced tuition culture and she never let any child’s morale go low. She was such an inspiring and likable person that students loved attending her classes, unlike most other classes which they would not mind bunking.

Ma’am Sinha, a spinster, used to stay with her sister very close to the St. Aloysius School, in Kanpur. Her blissful life soon took a dip, with family problems and the loss of her dear sister. All the emotional turmoil gave Ma’am Sinha a severe paralytic attack. The right side of her body became close to non-functional. And since that terrible attack in 2001, it is her students from all across the world who have been taking care of her right from finding her a nice home, to her food, regular visits to her, spending time with her and several other countless beautiful ways.

When I visited her for the first time, I was amazed by the grace she still carries, the beauty that is so evident in her manner and her words and the genuine love for all her students that seems to have become her life force now.  Soaking in her timeless love and beauty, time just flew by in conversations and soon we had to take our leave.

We returned to Delhi. Weeks passed by and I kept thinking about her from time to time but never got down to writing to her. So on Valentine’s Day, we bought a beautiful diary, penned in our letters to Ma’am Sinha and shipped the gift to one of the students living in Kanpur who could deliver our package.

On Valentine’s Day, we heard from him saying Ma’am Sinha was touched and very happy to see our little gift and she sends us lots of love, which ofcourse made our day very very special.

So Yes! Valentine’s Day is surely all about love and this time around, I felt the love in the air too!


One thought on “Valentine’s Day – not so cheesy after all

  1. Hi!

    I stumbled upon your blog from your husband’s blog, who is a friend of my pal, John Jethi.

    Happy to have done so!

    Your writings are simple, short and touch the heart somewhere!

    Mam Sinha must be indeed proud of all her students who are doing so much for her! Same can’t be expected from own children nowadays!

    My best wishes to you and your blog!

    Keep writing! I will be a regular visitor from now on!

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